This year PMO Conference was rounded off with Geoff Crane’s excellent keynote speech – You are Captain of Your Own Ship. In the presentation, he presents a rousing narrative about the importance of emotional and social stewardship within the PMO.

We had a chance to chat with Geoff before his speech to ask what its all about and why it is important (see video below).

As a pioneer in the field of motivational intelligence, Geoff has written numerous articles on the importance of emotional and social skills in the workforce.

Well-versed in the changing demands of today’s project-based work environments, Geoff spends his days helping leaders design and build a balanced repertoire of soft skills to help them achieve what matters most.

Geoff proposes that: “Many PMO leaders get frustrated because they find themselves constantly defending their organisation’s purpose.” He continues, “It’s easy to forget that while PMOs perform their work using the language of science and analysis, their very existence is predicated on objectives with emotions at their core. Embracing and dissecting these emotions gives the PMO Manager tools to influence individual goals and objectives such that they align with those of the organisation.”

He believes that “self-awareness in the PMO is essential” and “being able to understand your relationship with yourself will create a crisper vision for your PMO allowing the team to rally behind it.”

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Motivational Intelligence

Geoff also works in conjunction with Trent University’s Emotion and Health Research Laboratory and they are currently collaborating to develop the world’s first social, emotional and motivational profile of those who work in the project space. The research will reveal:

  • How do project professionals differ from the general population?
  • What special emotion-based skills do project professionals offer an organisation?
  • What skills distinguish more senior practitioners from less experienced project professionals?

Want to Take Part?

Many of you have expressed an interest in the importance of emotional intelligence within the context of a PMO. With that in mind, would you like to take part in Canada’s Trent University research programme? The goal is to develop an emotional and social profile of project professionals, to help the project community better understand the soft skills that we as a group bring to an organisation. The insights will certainly be of interest to you personally and of course for the people you support in the delivery organisation.

To find out what you need to do to take part follow this link.