What can it be? How to pull together a status report? How to use pivot tables in Excel? How to prioritise projects in a portfolio?

Well it could be one of those but the skills that every single PMO person has to use at some point in their life is minuting a meeting and making sure the actions get managed.

You might think that the days of a PMO professional and minute-taking are old school and in an Enterprise, all singing all dancing value driven PMO partners don’t need this kind of skill anymore.

The reality is, this is still one of the main services a PMO offers to the Project or Programme Manager. They still need someone to carry out that role whilst they’re busy chairing the meeting.

They still need someone to manage the whole meeting arrangements from beginning to end – they still need someone to chase down those actions.

For a PMO it’s still a role that should be performed, even though many moan it’s a secretarial role.

It’s still an integral service that enables the PMO to be right in the middle of project and programme communications; to be a visible face in a whole host of different types of meetings; to be able to see those decisions being made first hand; to be in front of the client – or any other stakeholders; to know what’s going on!

It’s important to make sure actions are correctly minuted – contractual decisions even more so. It’s a skill, when done well, that is seamless, almost invisible. It’s crucial to document, raise actions and hold people accountable.

Documenting Project MeetingsYet, meeting management is a skill that’s rarely taught in the PMO.

Why is that?

When putting together the new PMO Conference Classes programme – which takes place on the two days before the conference this year – the 11th and 12th June – it was a class that I really wanted to include because it is such an important skill to have.

I’ve seen it done brilliantly by various people in my career over the years and I’m jealous.

How on earth did they learn to do it so well?

Like any service the PMO provides, developing a skill comes from a few places; it’s partially knowledge (gained through training or reading), partially trial and error (have a go) and a lot of it about practice (I know that many PMO people working today will recognise that one!)

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll carry out the meeting management service really well.

PMO Conference ClassesWhat’s been missing for years is a form of training and learning for meeting minute skills specifically for the project management environment. There are generic meeting minute courses (I tried one out last year, it was so-so) but nothing that matches the pace; the technical details flying about; the different technology available; the different types of meetings and of course, just the need to understand what projects are all about and how they run.

This is a starter class for all of you who want to improve your skills in this vital PMO service offering.

  • It’s definitely for you if you’ve only been working in PMO for a short time.
  • It’s also for you if you’ve been working in PMO for a while and want to get better at it.
  • If you’re a PMO Manager, consider it for your team

I’m really pleased that we’re able to bring this one-day class to the PMO community, run by two real PMO experts on the subject!

Want to find out more about the Documenting Project Meetings class? It takes place on Monday 11th June.

Book your place on the class and you can purchase a PMO Conference ticket at a 20% reduction price of £400.


Documenting Project Meetings