PMO Learn 2021

Sessions and Slide Decks

Resource Management

Eileen Roden and Stuart Dixon

Our first practical challenge for the day. Throughout the day, delegates will be presented with a common PMO challenge. It’s a problem that needs solving and you’ll be working in table teams to do that.

It’s an opportunity to put what you’ve learnt to the test and also spend some time talking to your peers to swap ideas and insights.

In this resource management challenge you’ll be debating who gets that key resource – and why!

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Benefits Management

Claire Dellar

In this session we cover the benefits management process and the activities required to get benefits management started in your organisation.

We’ll be taking a look at the common blockers that inhibit benefits management being a success and how to overcome them.

This session perfectly blends the technical process of benefits management with the people and behavioural side of making it happen.

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Reporting & Dashboards

John McIntyre

Get ready for a session which covers the best approaches to creating dashboards that deliver information and insight. With advances in data analytics, visualisations and storytelling, we share the dashboards that deliver.

Think we can’t make reporting & dashboards interesting? You’re going to love this session, leaving with lots of practical things you can be doing with your own reporting service.

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Portfolio Management

Holger Heuss

Are you ready for an action learning problem to solve? In our practical challenge exercise following the Portfolio Management and the PMO session, delegates will be working together to solve a very familiar problem seen in PMOs every day.

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The PMO as a Profession – Your Career in PMO

Lindsay Scott

Is the PMO a profession? Are you a professional? What makes a great career in PMO? And are you heading in the right direction?

In this session, we take time to reflect on a career in PMO and what that means for you.

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