Got a Story to Share?

We’re looking for inspiring sessions that take PMO Practitioners to a better place.

Speaking at PMO Conference 2023

The beauty of PMO is that there are so many different stories to tell.

We’re looking for the stories that celebrate successes – and highlight the failures and how we learn from them.

PMO Conference is all about sharing the knowledge and experiences that help drive forward the PMO profession.

Ready to share your story?

Inspiring Stories

Tackling the Tough Bits

Irresistable Case-Studies

New Thinking

We’re looking for speakers and sessions which fit into our three main areas of focus.

PMO Services

These are the technical aspects of PMO and can include the set up of PMOs; any of the services provided by the PMO; how PMOs are re-energised and evolved. We’re looking for excellence in PMOs – those PMOs that show high levels of maturity and performance.

PMO People

These are the behavioural aspects of PMO and can include leadership and management in PMOs; the behavioural skills that make a difference; personal development and career management; skills development and competency. We’re looking for PMOs that their organisations loves.

PMO in Practice

If you’re leading, managing or working within a PMO – a special PMO – with a great story to tell, we want you to tell the PMO profession. What have you made a great success of? How have you combined your services with people to deliver a PMO that gets results and thrives in the business?

Selection Criteria

  • Originality and relevance of the topic (PMO rather than PM)
  • The overall quality of the presentation proposal
  • Presenter experience and credentials
  • Delivery method
  • Clearly defined learning objectives




  • PMO Conference London – 15th June 2023
  • PMO Conference Edinburgh – 2nd November 2023
  • Support and guidance available on the run up to the conference



Need to Know

  • Acceptance includes full conference ticket
  • Travel and accomodation expenses TBD
  • Sessions range from 35 to 60 minutes
  • All sessions are recorded and available for delegates and House of PMO members
  • The PMO Conference also has an afterparty



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