I’m really looking forward to talking about change management and the PMO at next month’s PMO conferences. Yes, I’m going to be at both London and Edinburgh. Going up to Edinburgh is a no brainer for me.

  1. It’s the PMO conference, why does the location matter?
  2. Edinburgh is fab city
  3. It’s an opportunity to tie in a visit with my family who live about an hour from there

Let’s explore these ‘going up to Edinburgh’ reasons a bit more…

On one hand; there more logistics to consider. Although I have been to Edinburgh several times I am not really familiar with the City so it will feel a bit scary. Will I know as many people as I usually do at the London event?

But then; having been to the PMO Conference since it began, I know the general format and what I will get out of it (and that’s loads by the way in terms of learning, reflection, discussion and plain old focus time).

Being in a different location I might meet up with some new contacts with different ideas and experiences to share. I’d have to travel anyway and to be fair one hotel room is the same as any other once you close the door. Edinburgh, the little I know of it makes me feel warm. I have really positive memories; visiting cousins when I was very young and being a princess for the day when I got married in the small but perfectly formed St Margaret’s chapel at the top of the castle.

In summary;

  • I focussed on what isn’t different; what hasn’t changed

  • I considered the positive outcome from doing something different

  • I found a personal connection; an extra value add


In the last year or so I’ve been thinking a lot how change management and PMO fit together. I’ve studied, observed, practiced and reflected. I’d like to talk to you about the mutually beneficial relationship between change management and PMO. To bring this to life I am going to tell you three stories, three examples from my experience where change management and PMO really get it together.

  • How change management can help build and operate a successful PMO

  • How PMO is a valuable change agent for project and programme delivery

  • How PMO can be a gold mine for Change Managers


I would like you to leave this session with some structured content on the subject, evidence from my stories to prove the value of combining the two and some thoughts on how you might apply in your own organisations. PMO is so very much more than an administrative, standalone function; PMO really can be at the heart of successful transformation not just refereeing from the side.

I hope I get to meet you at either London or Edinburgh. Do come and say hi and feel free to challenge and share your experiences.

If you haven’t been to the PMO Conference before then do please give it a go. With two locations and two dates you have more opportunity to fit this in to your own agenda.