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PMO Conference 2018 \\ The PMO Competency Framework – Angelina Rizza and Eileen Roden

This session introduces the new PMO Competency Framework, and is the only Competency Assessment Framework to focus specifically on the PMO as a profession and has also been developed by the profession. The initiative, sponsored by the PMO Flashmob, has been developed by a team of volunteers, expert in the definition and creation of high performing PMO services across sector and industries, supported by specialists in Competency Framework development and implementation. Always staying true to the values of the PMO Flashmob, the project has been community led with crowd contribution and review at every possible opportunity. Discover how this has provided rich data and also interesting challenges for the project from Angelina and allow Eileen to share the foundations of YOUR competency framework demonstrating our progress and success to date. Finally PMO practitioners at all levels in their careers will have access to a Competency Framework to be able to assess and subsequently develop PMO practitioners against an industry standard. Come and see how this can make a difference and as our project progresses, how you will be able to turn what was previously “I wish” rhetoric into real planning and development for your PMO and your own career.

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