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Lessons Learnt About Lessons Learnt

According to the poll taken during this session on Lessons Learnt About Lessons Learnt, only 50% of projects in our participant’s organisations have a lessons learnt approach as part of their project management delivery methods. Personally, I was surprised at how low that was.

You can’t deny that learning lessons from everything we do – in our own lives as well as at work – just makes sense. Taking the time to think about and reflect on how we’ve done something – whether that’s successful or not – should mean we come at a similar or related challenge in the future just that little bit wiser about how we’ll tackle it.

Projects and project management are ripe for insights and little nuggets that help smooth the path for future projects – after all, the methods and ways of working in project management have all come from someone’s previous lessons on what has worked and what definitely hasn’t.

In this PMO Flashmob session about Lessons Learnt, we heard from PMO professional Ken Burrell. Ken is passionate about Lessons Learnt, so much so he wrote a book on it -Learning Lessons from Projects: How it works, why it goes wrong, and how you can do it better – so who better to help PMO professionals understand more about what we can be doing to better support our organisations in this area of Knowledge Management.

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