My name is Lain Burgos-Lovece, and I am an independent PMO consultant and professional coach.  I work with accomplished PMO managers to deliver consistent benefits to their organisation so that they can achieve peace of mind.

Lain Burgos-Lovece

Lain Burgos-Lovece

What have I done?

I started out as a programmer in IT, moved to Business Analysis, Project Management, Programme Management.  At some point in my early career, I was asked to

set up a PMO.  It was actually a ‘PSO’ – the first in the organisation, a large financial services company.

Since then, I have worked in, designed and implemented many PMOs at project, programme and portfolio levels. I have delivered in three continents and across many industry sectors: banking, insurance, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, retail, automotive and higher education.

Having pivoted (slowly) to increase my mentoring work and decrease the “reporting factory”, I now concentrate on professional coaching and PMO consultancy assignments.

Why am I here?

There is so much variety in the work of different types of PMOs in different organisational contexts. It is interesting but also runs the danger of being superficial. I have learned many lessons over my career. A core lesson is that it seems that PMOs are still that rare beast in the corporate environment: needed but often misused.

Without going into how the problem manifests itself, I’m here to expand the conversation around three things that will contribute to mitigating the problem:

  • Ways of realising the benefits that the organisation wants
  • Ways of optimising the flow through the value stream that leads to benefits
  • Ways of controlling the bottleneck on demand that makes the flow possible

Another important lesson is that knowledge by itself rarely achieves change. It takes practice, a supportive environment, and personal growth. That’s why I like to add coaching to the transformation mix.

In time I’d like to talk about other things that matter to the “housemates” at House of PMO and the PMO community at large.

The way to higher ground

What do I care about?

Throughout my career, I’ve been very much a corporate man, sometimes to the detriment of my family.  As the years go by, a more balanced approach began to take hold.

When I questioned my values, I stumbled upon the climate crisis. Like most people, it’s not that I didn’t know the ‘inconvenient truth.’  It’s that the personal action needed is unknown or unpalatable.

I suspect that the only way forward is to act where we are, talk openly to the people we deal with, accept the sadness of what we’ve broken, and be committed and energised to limit further damage. For the sake of our grandchildren and their children.

What am I like?

Useful, or at least I hope I am useful.  It is difficult to see myself in the mirror of others. So I tried this, (a free test) and apparently, I’m a type of diplomat, an Advocate (quiet and mystical, yet very inspiring and tireless idealist).  What are you?