With over 70% of global organisations either transitioned or currently transitioning to more Agile ways of delivering change how does the PMO continue to thrive in these organisations?

There are various frameworks, certifications and resources for most of the other roles in an Agile organisation such as Scrum Masters, Release Train Engineers and Product Owners but there seems a distinct lack of support and resources for the PMO.

Welcome to The Gym. I‘m Matthew Milsom your Trainer and Coach.

The aim of The Gym is to help you transform your functions into ones based on Strength, Agility and Insight. Functions that are an integral part of the delivery of organisation’s transformation.

Some of the topics we will consider include:

  • how can you help drive the cultural changes required for a successful transformation?
  • what is the core value of a PMO in an Agile organisation?
  • what is Flow & Lean Governance?
  • how do you fund an Agile organisation?
  • what are the key measures and metrics of an Agile organisation?

Ultimately, the agenda is yours and no questions are out of scope.

The Gym is a safe place with the values of Respect, Consideration and Collaboration at its core and is definitely a place where the more you put in the more you get out!

I look forward to collaborating with and helping you all in the future.