You may not like the answer, but it is attention to detail and option creation.

In the latest quick fire questions to Graham he gave his thoughts about getting people to make decisions. It’s one of those things that many PMO practitioners will come up against time and time again – whether that’s a decision needed by their own PMO colleagues and manager – project delivery people or senior executives.

Here’s the rest of his short, clear and concise answer:

As a decision maker you have no options if you are presented with a “this or that” choice. That is a dilemma!!

Laying out 3 options becomes a real choice, over which a decision is required. So work with “3s” wherever possible.

And then create a full storyboard around each – this is your attention to detail.

What led us to this point – what was the challenge?

What is the impact if we do nothing – and make this about bottom-line, P&L, Share Price impact.

What does Option 1 give us? What is its impact, and some of the “Pro’s & Con’s”?

What is the cost of Option 1?

And how much of the “Do Nothing” impact does it mitigate?

And again for Option 2.

And 3.

If this is compelling no-one is going to want to defer and avoid a decision.

At best you will get a clear decision and a mandate to proceed.

At worst, your Decision Maker should own an escalation of the Decision to someone more Senior.