House of PMO Lodgers


Welcome to the House of PMO Lodgers, rooms created and occupied by PMO housemates, ready to welcome you into their space.

Each lodger has a different room in the house, with a different personality and different spin on PMO.

They’re here to bring PMO practitioners together, to learn, discuss, debate and share.


The Heptagon

Helping PMOs to escape from Admin-Compliance Island by focusing on 3 things:

  • The realisation of benefits the organisation wants
  • The optimisation of the flow through the value stream that leads to benefits
  • The control of the bottleneck on demand that makes the flow possible

The Den

In The Den we are passionate about helping those just starting out in their “PMO” careers. There is so much talk at the moment about Greatness and Legacy, but to get to greatness you have to pass through “Good” and I think that is being forgotten.

So I am looking to inspire and enthuse the next generation of PMO’ers, providing guidance and support on a wide range of topics, sign-posting resources and helping you be good, day after day.  

The Gym

If your PMO supports Agile delivery, or wants to, then the Gym is the place for you. No agile topic is too big or too small to tackle here.

Here you’ll find a hub of support and resources for your Agile PMO.

The Tool Shed

The Tool Shed is where PMO Managers can come for advice, guidance and support for selecting, implementing or optimising their organisation’s return on investment in PPM tools.

The Library

Welcome to The Library, this is place where you can share experience and knowledge with fellow PMO. As the host of this rather marvellous place my aim is help you find answers to your questions.

Let’s share to become an even better, stronger PMO community that organisations can depend on and have confidence in.

The Music Room

According to the Oxford Dictionary, to orchestrate is to:

To plan or coordinate the elements of (a situation) to produce the desired effect, especially surreptitiously, e.g. “the optimal outcome has been orchestrated by the most creative senior managers.” 

The Music Room is where PMO Directors and PMO Managers find advice, help and support in orchestrating their organisation, establishing or improving Strategic Portfolio Management, designing and setting up an enterprise-wide PMO function, improving top-level governance and assurance.