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Career Paths / Career Hour

We kick off with a poll where we asked PMO practitioners where they would like their PMO career to lead them to:

It’s pretty conclusive that so many practitioners enjoy the job – especially when working in an organisation that just ‘gets’ PMO and knows what’s needed to really get the benefits that great PMOs are capable of providing.
If you’re working in a place like that – great! You’re probably learning a lot and enjoy seeing the success the PMO has. On the other hand, sometimes working in a less mature project management organisation that has a myriad of challenges is the kind of opportunity that some PMO practitioners love.
The career path in PMO is not as simple as moving up the ladder from administrator to analyst, manager and director. We have many different types of PMO contexts we could be working in; different sizes and types of projects, programmes and portfolios we could be supporting; different industries and specialisms within PMO and project management.
In other words, we have a lot of options and opportunities.
In this session, we took a look at career paths – career plans and career strategies. Hopefully it gives you food for thought.

Video Session


Session Deck

> Download the deck (PDF)
Career Hour
We share a few of the things we covered here, download the deck and see the session for everything we covered.

Career Paths

We can stay within PMO and even stay within the same job title role and still have a very wide and varied career.
For some it’s about wanting to move into a delivery role – and even coming back into PMO later – perhaps at a higher level than they think they can achieve just by staying in PMO.
It’s not often you hear about people leaving PMO because they want to pursue a project team role – but it does happen. Getting into the tech, becoming a tester for example. Today there’s also the option to move into other analyst based roles like data, business and process.
Different ways of working – such as becoming freelance or pursuing consultancy can give us opportunities and challenges that we can’t get from corporate life.
But sometimes the lucky ones are able to pursue a dream, turning a hobby into a career and still utilising everything they’ve ever learnt working in a project environment.

Is there anything we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

PMO Career Strategies

This HR based report is about people who seem to manage their careers very well and they highlight what kinds of career strategies they adopt to help them in their careers:

During the Career Hour session, there were a number of comments about being given high profile assignments rather than actively seeking them out.
It makes us think that perhaps there are other assignments that may have been better for us but we don’t know because we’re not actively looking for them – we’re expecting others to think of us – but what if they don’t?
The other point which was discussed was about communicating career aspirations – especially with line managers. If they don’t know what you’re looking to achieve in your career, how can they be expected to help you? When a good manager understands you, that’s someone else on your side, spotting potential opportunities, telling others about utilising you etc
Are there any other career strategies that you can think of that may be good for PMO practitioners? Let us know in the comments below.

Your Personality

You’ve probably come across this one before, but if you haven’t – take a look at 16Personalities.
It’s a free personality test which is eerily accurate and something you can try (or with the whole PMO team) to get you thinking about other aspects of yourself because it does include some insights into work. Why not have a go and see what your profile is like.
>> Download the rest of the deck for further insights here.

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