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PMO Benchmark Report Just Launched

Benchmark-PMOFor the first time, the PMO Flashmob have pulled together the latest insights in the UK about the role of the PMO and the practitioners who work within them.
The report brings together insights from Portfolio Managers, PMO Managers and those that work within the PMO – programme and project support practitioners.
We’ve looked at different aspects of their work – where they work, what kind of PMO is the most popular, what training they do and what functions and services they carry out. We’ve also got the overviews of salaries and rates for the positions too.
Pulling specific data from Arras People’s annual Project Management Benchmark Report, we take a look at the following:

  • Who PMO Practitioners Are
  • Who PMO Practitioners Work For
  • Permanent Employees (including salaries)
  • Freelance and Contractors (including rates)
  • Professional Development
  • The PMO
  • PMO Functions and Services
  • PMO Managers and PMO Support
  • PMO Thoughts and Challenges

Fancy giving it a read? Download it here:
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