Resource management is one of the toughest areas of portfolio planning to get right. Managing and modelling potentially thousands of interdependent moving parts was never an easy task. But, as we see the shape of the workforce changing and deal with post-pandemic recovery challenges, the landscape is becoming more – not less – complex.

PM Today’s Associate Editor, Amy Hatton, recently spoke to Lloyd Norman, Vice President, Strategic Solutions, Tempus Resource by ProSymmetry, about this topic. In this special podcast and webinar serios, Amy had the chance to delve into Lloyd’s 25 year-plus career and experience in the Resource Portfolio Management and PMO space. The podcast and webinar have been released prior to Lloyd speaking at two of the PM calendar’s biggest annual events, and you can register now to see him attend and speak in June, then again in September.

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Stream the podcast and follow the transcript below to hear Amy and Lloyd discuss:

    • The value flow generated by Resource Portfolio Management.
    • How a Lean Portfolio Management approach can bring new pipeline visibility.
    • Why we should strive to be Agile rather than to do
    • Why PMOs need to think “stratactically” when it comes to managing the resource pipeline.
    • Practical tips to shift your resource management perspective.
    • How intelligent resource management drives an internal talent supply chain and powerful retention strategies.