The PMO Conference returns for its sixth year, and this year we’re making a few changes. We’re back with a bigger venue, in a new location, right on the banks of the River Thames, welcoming more PMO practitioners crossing the threshold to join us. We’re still sticking with our theme – it’s all about PMOs! and we’re still offering great value with five great streams of sessions – and all the sessions are recorded for you to catch up on later.

Our other biggest change is to the pre-conference event which takes place the day before, PMO Learn!

Previously we have offered classes on lots of different PMO themes such as coaching; portfolio management; PMO services and capabilities. But you told us you wanted something more – something which would cover some of the most challenging areas that PMOs face today, and furthermore, you’d like it all in one day.

PMO Learn!

PMO Learn! is our one-day classroom training which takes place the day before the conference on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 at our conference venue.

We’re bringing together 150 PMO practitioners for the biggest classroom training ever.

Imagine being able to learn about the areas of PMO that cause your PMO the most grief. You don’t necessarily want to attend a training course that goes on for days. All you need is what you need to know and how to put what you’ve learnt into action. Then imagine that you’re also attending the training with 149 other PMO practitioners so you’ll also be learning from each other.

PMO Learning dayAt PMO Learn! we’ve chosen the areas that we know you’ll like:

We’ve got these covered:

  • Resource Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Portfolio Management

Throughout the day we pick off each topic area and get started with an experienced PMO trainer taking you through the theory and sharing examples of application in the real world.

Following each block of training, it’s time for some Action Learning – where we deepen our understanding of a topic area by getting involved in a practical exercise. These sessions are great for working through what you’ve just been learning, plus getting help and insights from your PMO practitioners and our facilitators.

Each session is designed specifically for the PMO practitioners. We want you to learn what’s important from the PMO perspective in resource management; benefits management; reporting and portfolio management.

The day is topped off with a careers related session – taking the time to reflect on a career in PMO and what that means for you.

The day takes place on Tuesday 2nd June in London and today there’s an Early Bird rate available.

To find out more about the day and join the largest PMO classroom \\ make sure PMO Learn! is the next place you visit!

PMO Learn!