Imagine a world where you can plan your Portfolio Roadmap on a single touch of the button.

Continuous Software brings to the world a unique approach and the tool, Aangine, improving Portfolio Success significantly and avoiding endless manual planning work.

Let me present you with a case study based on a portfolio of 300-400 projects annually. Working with the Portfolio Management team of a nationwide commercial bank, the following 5 benefits were achieved just by replacing the set of Excel spreadsheets with our approach and tool. No other change was made – the same Project Management tool was in place, the same governance process and the same project lifecycle.

Benefit 1 – Deliver 62% more Projects on Time and in Quality

Excel-based plans include a lot of errors. Inherently the more you plan, the more errors there are added. Before, the planning teams could just make sure there was enough capacity for the projects to start, but the issue of constrained resources was left for Project Managers to wrestle with later.

Letting an automated planning algorithm choose the most optimal start and finish date of each demand and project has a major impact on project success. As your resource teams’ overallocation has limited or no spikes, there are no or significantly fewer delays. Compromises on quality don’t need to be made for the sake of delivering against the milestones.

The client was able to improve their project success by 62%, delivering 73% projects as planned versus 45% the year before, when the roadmap was planned in a set of Excel spreadsheets.


Benefit 2 – Save 9% Portfolio Budget

The second benefit is the natural outcome of improving project success. The bank went from a 6% overspend to a 3% budget saving. Fewer projects delayed meant less extra cost.

Which projects would you plan for with the extra budget in hand? Let’s update the roadmap…

Benefit 3 – Re-plan the Roadmap in Minutes (not Days or Weeks)

What if your budget or the capacity of teams change? In spreadsheets, it took days and up to 2 weeks for the bank to re-plan the roadmap when the change in capacity was major.

With Aangine, the Portfolio team is able to adjust the capacity for a new scenario only, hit the planning button, and wait a minute for the result.

The governance committee is presented with a new scenario during the meeting, there is no reason to wait for days or weeks to get the answer to any What-If question.

Benefit 4 – Include 22% More Projects Into the Portfolio

Prior Aangine it was natural for the planning team to limit the number of projects they wanted to work with. Ideally, the portfolio should have around 300 projects with 3 planners on the job.

Using Aangine instead of Excel enabled the PMO to encourage the business to have as many projects as possible. The portfolio has grown to well over 400 projects. More projects planned led to a higher frequency of changes delivered during the year.

Benefit 5 – Complete 36% More Projects

With the increase in project success and because the portfolio could grow, the number of completed projects went through the roof. That was the actual bottom line. More business benefits were achieved faster.

Are You Sceptical?

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