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Business and delivery leaders are overwhelmed by data. They often lack a comprehensive, trustworthy and real-time understanding of the performance of their projects. This impacts their ability to make informed decisions. Predicting future performance is even more of a challenge.

Leaders want to know what the people they rely on to deliver success truly believe and feel about a project. Do you believe we are going to be successful? Are people contributing positively to the success of the project? Are we maximising the value when team(s) collaborate and meet? Is everyone clear on the vision?

Gathering these insights has, until now, been time consuming and infrequent. Often a one-off exercise that makes the information meaningless a week later due to the volatility inherent in projects. MeetingQuality’s easily adopted digital solution overcomes this by using the only certainty after taxes and death: meetings.

Meetings offer the opportunity to capture from each participant the data needed to answer the above questions. MeetingQuality’s innovative 45-second data capture method and subsequent reporting enhances traditional project measurements and provides leaders with the insight they need.

MeetingQuality is uniquely able to able to add further value by identifying the emotions of participants from the feedback they provide using the IBM Watson™ Tone Analyzer. A cutting edge and practical application of Artificial Intelligence. The MeetingQuality suite is currently used around the world to give leaders the insight they need and to make the critical business decisions necessary to ensure success. It is now being introduced to the UK.


“Meeting Quality quantifies the pulse of the project
through data gathered at meetings to provide leaders with the insights
they need to deliver success.”

In 2019 a major enhancement, the MQProfile is being added to the suite of tools. It is a simple and quick diagnostic that allows people to identify their communication and engagement style based on the commonly used 4 DISC profiles. Firstly, it provides individuals, teams, and organisations with valuable behavioural insights. Secondly, it further enhances the existing Meeting Quality reporting and allows a deeper interpretation of the data. The MQProfile has been developed with Team Animation, experts in the leadership and cultural aspects of delivery.


To find out more contact Kelvin McGrath (kelvin.mcgrath@meetingquality.com) or Donnie MacNicol (donnie@teamanimation.co.uk) on 07799 766238. Alternatively, we look forward to meeting you at Stand 9.