The PMO Conference is back with the pre-conference classes giving delegates an opportunity to extend their learning in key PMO areas. The classes, introduced last year, are also great for meeting and networking with other PMO professionals before the PMO Conference takes place.

In this article, we take a look at the Coaching Skills and Techniques for the PMO class which takes place on Tuesday 11th June.

The Coaching Skills for the PMO course takes a look at some of the core coaching techniques that PMO practitioners can use in their day to day work. It’s all about working with others to help them overcome particular problems – something we do in PMO every day. It’s also about being aware of our approaches – how we listen and interact with others to gain rapport and the right outcomes.

It’s a blend of theory and practice – perfect for those wanting to take away approaches that can be easily used back in the workplace.

One of the reasons why this particular class has been well received by PMO practitioners is due to the Agile angle. With the role of the Agile Coach being part of Agile delivery, more and more PMO practitioners are finding that they’d like to understand more about this aspect. It’s a natural knowledge area to explore because the PMO helps people across the delivery organisation every day. If there are practical approaches; techniques or models to learn about which can improve the job they do, why not start by taking a one day course which is specifically designed for PMO practitioners?


Coaching Skills


The Listening Staircase is just one model which is fascinating to explore. Many of us know that active listening (attentive listening) is something we should all be practising every day, yet how many of us are ignoring; pretending or being selective when engaging with others? The class goes into the detail and the theory before giving delegates the opportunity to try it out. The results are probably not what you would expect!

The one day class is delivered by Bekka Prideaux who is a Leadership Coach with previous experience as a Project Manager; Change Programme Leader; Facilitator; Course Tutor and Theatre Director. She’s been delivering this class already to a PMO audience so we thought now would be an ideal time to run this course again for PMO Conference delegates.

It’s a brilliant class to try out different approaches in a safe and supportive environment – and you’re guaranteed to keep on using the approaches time and time again.

The class takes place on Tuesday 11th June and [you can take a look at more details here]


Coaching Skills for the PMO