The PMO Conference will once again be sponsored by The Agile Business Consortium. The Agile Business Consortium are continuing to establish themselves as the ‘go to’ people for any business, government organisation or charity interested in Agile Business Change.PMO Conference

The consortium has been leading and promoting the Agile way of working, supporting thousands of people and organisations around the world on their Agile journey. They do so by providing training in a number of areas of Agile including: AgilePM®, AgilePgM®, and AgileBA® and have accredited over 100,000 Agile Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Programme Managers.

They have also created the Agile Business Change Framework. This ensures that business change strategy remains under continuous review and coordinates the changes needed to reflect shifts in the business environment.

The Agile approach is now more relevant than ever in the current ever-changing climate that we are in.

UK businesses, in particular, will be aware that Brexit is due to take place in Spring 2019, however, what that will mean exactly still remains unknown. They will need to act and react quickly to any and all possible implications to their business in order to remain successful.

Mary Henson, chief executive of the Agile Business Consortium, shares her thoughts on AgilePM®

“The pace of business life is continually speeding up and – in a time of increasing uncertainty – organisations need to embrace change if they are to survive and thrive.

It isn’t about making people or businesses work harder; it’s about helping them work smarter. AgilePM helps organisations to do this and to achieve their goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

The Agile Business Change Framework encapsulates a light-touch, Agile approach to business change. It takes a customer focused, iterative and collaborative approach to delivering business value way beyond its proven success in IT right into the heart of business.

The framework scales from the evolution of customer-centric products and services by small Agile teams through projects (AgilePM®), programmes (AgilePgM®) and portfolios all the way up to setting and maintaining a customer-focused Agile strategy for the whole business.

The Agile Business Consortium continues to push and promote Agile to help improve all aspects of any organisation who uses it. From HR and finance, to project management, product development and organisational change.

There will be a chance to visit and talk to the guys at Agile Business Consortium at the PMO Conference in the exhibition area.