If you’re looking for some information that you can easily share with your manager about the PMO Conference and why you shouldn’t be missing out on the fourth PMO Conference in London this summer, here it is.

It’s available for you to print out as a PDF (just click the image to download):

PMO Conference

Wanting Help with the Justification?

There are a ton of reasons why coming along to the PMO Conference this year is a must for you and your organisation, here’s some to help you pull together your own justification when speaking to your manager:

  • It’s the largest PMO Conference in the UK for people working in PMO today – you get to network and connect with 400 PMO peers – meeting and learning from others is crucial for your own development in PMO.
  • You’ll be listening to thought-provoking new ideas that you can incorporate into your PMO and how you perform your role (Hint – take a look at the agenda and pull out a few sessions that directly relate to a current challenge area in your PMO today).
  • You’ll be listening to inspirational speakers on a broad range of topics – some of it technical, some of it behavioural and some of it inspirational and a stretch. You will definitely be leaving with a headful of new ideas and a shot of energy to get stuff done back in the office.
  • You’ll get to listen to how other PMO practitioners have overcome challenges in their PMOs and how you can learn from those experiences.
  • There are 23 hours of unique PMO content available to you – you get to listen to some of that in the audience on the day and you also get access to all the recordings afterwards (Hint – you can share that content internally with your PMO colleagues too).
  • Find out what products are used in other PMOs by talking to the PMO products and service offerings in the only PMO exhibition available in the industry. There are loads of whitepapers; reports; free demos; booklets and other resources for you to pick up on the day.
  • Take time out to reflect, listen and learn – we all need inspiration sometimes, and a day fully immersed in everything PMO related could be what you need right now.
  • Many see the PMO Conference as a training opportunity too – and we know how important it is to understand what’s happening in the industry and where PMOs are heading right now (Hint – the PMO Conference is a great way to benchmark your PMO against others)
  • Perhaps you’ve been doing an excellent job lately? Or the whole PMO team have been fantastic? The conference is a great way to reward those efforts giving you all a real positive morale booster.

Still not sure?

Let them know what some of the previous delegates have said about the PMO Conference:

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