Don’t you think it would be useful to really breakdown and understand what makes a PMO successful? Is it the functions and services they provide? Keeping programmes and projects on track? Being that partner that enables an environment for projects to succeed? Is it all of these and more?

At this year’s PMO Conference we have keynote speaker Jack S. Duggal, a thought leader in PMO with “Next-Generation PMO: The Future of the PMO in a DANCE World”

We know the environment the PMO is working in is becoming ever more complex and risky, a world Jack has coined, “DANCE” – Dynamic. Ambiguous. Non-Linear. Complex. Emergent.

Jack is also launching his latest book at the conference – the DNA of Strategy Execution – Next Generation Project Management and PMO. Here’s an overview and a conference offer for you:

The DNA of Strategy Execution – Next Generation Project Management and PMO

Just as DNA contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all living organisms, what if we could decode the elements of management and successful PMOs? This ground-breaking book offers new perspectives on age-old management challenges and illuminates better ways to organise and manage in an increasingly turbulent, DANCE-world (Dynamic. Ambiguous. Non-Linear. Complex. Emergent).

It puts the management DNA under the microscope and shows how to develop the DNA elements to build and transform organisational project management and PMO capabilities essential for effective strategy-execution. It provides a framework to measure what matters with a step-by-step approach to define and measure success and business value.

The DNA of Strategy Execution: Next Generation Project Management and PMO provides innovative insights for organisational project management and PMO.

Based on application and learnings from many organisations around the world, this book reveals a playbook for strategy-execution that will help you:

  • Decode the core elements of management and strategy-execution DNA and learn how to develop and strengthen it
  • As an executive or PMO leader, design and build next-generation Project/Programme Management and PMO platform essential for effective strategy-execution
  • As a project, programme, or portfolio manager develop the skills, competencies, and intelligence necessary to thrive in today’s turbulent world
  • Prepare your organisation to effectively lead and implement agile transformation and organisational change
  • Improve organisational project management (OPM) and PMO maturity by developing intelligence in each of the DNA areas of strategy-execution
  • Improve overall organisational effectiveness and innovation capabilities

Whether you are a part of a startup, or an established incumbent organisation, the impact of dig­itisation and disruption and the intensification of the DANCE-world requires a rethink and reset of how we organise and manage.

This book presents a holistic approach and a playbook for effective strategy-execution with next-generation Project, Programme and PMO capabilities. Gain new insights along with tools and techniques for connecting with customers and stakeholders, effective governance, change management, measurement metrics, and more.

The DNA of Strategy ExecutionConference Offer

You can purchase the book at any time in the run up to the PMO Conference and pick up your book on the day

To make a purchase and save off the list price (£36.99), purchase the book for £22.99

The book will be signed by Jack on the day.

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Love the Subject?

Jack is also running a two-day class directly before the PMO Conference. It takes place on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th June. Take a look at the full agenda and why you should think about booking a place on the class. More details are available here.








About Jack

JACK S. DUGGAL is a change-maker, facilitator, and transformational leader with a passion for seeking and providing different perspectives in how to deal with the DANCE (Dynamic. Ambiguous. Non-Linear. Complex. Emergent) nature of life and organizations, and make a difference through transformational strategy execution. An internationally recognized expert and top-rated faculty in Strategy-Execution and PMO, his next-generation ideas have been adopted and implemented in many organizations around the world. Jack is the founder and managing principal of Projectize Group. He works with leading organizations from NASA to Silicon Valley and governments around the world.


“A masterful journey from strategy to execution and beyond, revealing how to build and develop a strategy-execution platform. It is mandatory reading for anybody involved in the organization and management of projects, from executives to PMO leaders, and project, program and portfolio managers, particularly in today’s uncertain times, if you plan to lead a successful, agile, and sustainable organization in a digital era.”

Daniel Steeves, CIO OPS Canada


“In a world where there are more questions than answers every leader will need to learn to dance to a different beat. In this insightful book, Jack Duggal has cracked the DNA of Strategy Execution. Ignore these insights at your own peril.” 

Dr. Tony O’Driscoll

Global Head, DukeCE Labs
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University