Portfolio Management continues to be a hot topic in the PMO community and an area that presents challenges for organisations looking to implement and mature a portfolio management approach.

Putting together the programme for this year’s PMO Conference, it was imperative that a session on the challenges of portfolio management AND practical approaches to successful implementation and maturity be scheduled.

There has been a lack of case studies and success stories in the area of portfolio management which PMO practitioners working in this area have been able to draw from. The PMO Conference specifically wanted to address this with an eminent speaker who has over 12 years experience working specifically on the problem of portfolio management in delivery organisations.


Chris Garibaldi of Deloitte

Chris Garibaldi is this year’s opening keynote speaker and is a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP. He is an eminence leader in portfolio management and currently leads the PPM practice. Chris built Deloitte’s PPM practice in the United States and has helped build Deloitte’s PPM practices in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Canada.

Chris was a key contributor to one of the main Thought Leadership pieces to emerge from PMI during the last six months – Delivering on Strategy: The Power of Project Portfolio Management and was a noted speaker at the PMO Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona on this subject. Chris and his colleagues at Deloitte have also written the Manage Your Organization Masterfully with Project Portfolio Management book which helps organisations to avoid the pitfalls of portfolio management as they share their capability and knowledge, built up over the past 12 years.

Chris’ opening keynote session at The PMO Conference takes its title from the book, here’s the overview:

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides the ability to significantly reduce cost, increase delivery efficiency, save revenue for other investments, and more effectively employ the organisation’s workforce to strategically aligned initiatives.

PPM provides direct visibility into a leader’s organisation, thus providing the information required to lead and make decisions authoritatively. It can be applied to many industries at varying levels of organisational maturity.

By focusing on people first, then on process—and viewing technology as an enabler—one can use PPM to guide your business to maturity. If applied effectively, PPM helps one masterfully command his or her organisation.

An element of the session will include the holistic, closed-loop perspective when it comes to defining portfolio management in an organisation, specifically focused on four primary capabilities of demand management, project/programme management, results management and portfolio management. It’s called the “Racetrack”:



The PMO Conference organiser, Lindsay Scott explains why Chris Garibaldi was chosen for this year’s opening keynote presentation, “I saw Chris talking at the PMO Conference and knew straight away I had to bring him to London. The presentation he gave was really insightful, packed with the practicalities of portfolio management which is what the PMO community are crying out for. And the fact he’s being doing this for so many years with so many different types of clients means he and Deloitte are not one hit wonders when it comes to success with portfolio management“.

Lindsay went on to say, “Chris’ style was also great because he’s not a theorist, you can tell he’s lived and breathed all these challenges that you know others are struggling with today. He’s definitely a no-nonsense speaker and I know the PMO community at The PMO Conference are going to get fired up with what he has to say. A great start to the day“.

To see Chris Garibaldi in the opening keynote session at The PMO Conference, register today, early bird ends in April.