Putting together the programme for the PMO Conference was relatively easy, I just listened to the conversations of various PMO professionals over the last 12 months and made mental notes of their current challenges. A conference which provides a programme based on what’s really hurting at the moment is incredibly powerful. It’s an opportunity to take a step back for the day, gain some new insights and perspectives and then re-enter with a refound energy and a fresh pair of eyes.

That is what we have provided for the first PMO conference in London this summer. The high level key challenges for PMOs today include:

  • Getting to grips with strategic portfolios
  • Making benefits management work
  • Understanding the impact of agile projects
  • Making sense of change management
  • Delivering capability improvement across the delivery organisation
  • Focusing on current talent, empowering them to make a difference
  • Enriching the PMO professional’s own experiences and skills development
  • Scanning the horizon for emerging practices and threats

All of these areas are causing great conversations and debate. Everyone of us are keen to understand how these areas are affecting other businesses, our competitors, us.

The one day conference brings together expert speakers from the US and UK, presenting fifteen sessions all focused on current challenges PMOs are facing today.

Case studies are presented by Legal and General, Ticketmaster, Major Projects Authority and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Presentations include:

  • The Role of PMO in Defining, Measuring and Improving Operational Alignment
  • “iPortfolio Office” – the next generation of Portfolio Office professionals
  • The PMO Role in an Agile Environment
  • NLP for PMO Practitioners
  • How Emerging PMO Trends Can Change the Business
  • Value Driven PMO Roles at Ticketmaster
  • Developing Delivery Capability at MPA through Conversation
  • The PMO Role in Change Management
  • The Role of the PMO in Creating a Change Centre of Excellence
  • The Business Driven PMO

Join us for a day of fresh perspectives, new thinking and insights into how others are tackling their most common PMO challenges.